Connectivity and Sustainability :

Fostering Cultural Commons in Indonesia

International Conference on Indonesian Culture (ICONIC) is an interdisciplinary conference that involve researcher from Indonesian and abroad concerning the Indonesian Culture

The aim of the conference is to create a platform for interdisciplinary researcher design to enrich the studies of Indonesian culture.

The purpose of the ICONIC 2020 is to  :

      • Presenting the state of the art in the cultural science concerning Indonesia which unite the research ecosystem in Indonesia and abroad
      • Develop a consolidation mechanism in cultural research of Indonesia that sustain the strategic agenda in policy making in Indonesia
      • Create a synergy between the academic and publishing in the field of culture science to facilitate translation and publish literature in Indonesian Culture
      • Encourage the dissemination of research into the public and stakeholders thus enabling transformation at a local level

About the Conference

The first International Conference on Indonesian Culture will be held as a virtual conference with online presentations and plenary sessions (10 – 13 November 2020).



Connectivity and Sustainability :

Fostering Cultural Commons in Indonesia


Translocation, transformation, transmission of tradition

Tradition is a substantial element in the cultural dynamic of a modern society transmitted from one generation to the other. In the contemporary era, the development and transformation of tradition is no longer territorial but is in constant connection with the dynamics of cultural practices in other areas. This conference invites presentations on case studies and issues concerning translocation, transformation and transmission of tradition in Indonesia.


Diversity and advancement of culture

Humans with a variety of behaviors and living tools are the essence of culture be it in the present time or in the past. The diversity in Indonesia could be observed from the abundance of material culture that could be utilized to understand the society’s cultural dynamics. Therefore, scholars are invited to present their research works concerning material culture from the past and how though them, we can understand the present as a part of Indonesian cultural development and diversity.


The Politics of Ecology

Currently we witness environmental change, land and water degradation as well as political and social struggle of communities related to issue of ecology in Indonesia. This conference invites scholars and practitioners to share their facts and findings and to analyze about the dynamics of power relation in the current state of ecological issues in Indonesia.


Urban-rural dynamics

Urban-rural connection could no longer be seen as merely a relationship between the center and periphery. The dynamic network between urban-rural is a complex discourse that needs to be further explored in order to deconstruct the imbalanced power relations in many aspects. Works from scholars and practitioners on the dynamics of urban-rural in Indonesia particularly concerning grassroots movements implementing a bottom-up approach are welcomed to be presented in the conference.


"Jalur Rempah" and Global Network

The global network could be traced back all the way through the cultural dynamic of ’Jalur rempah’. In Contemporary time, technological development has strengthened connections and mobility between one area to another in the global setting. Movements of people, goods, and ideas have significantly affected the social, political and cultural realities of the Indonesian society. Researchers and practitioners are invited to share their works that explore issues and problems on network and mobility in Indonesia, particularly those that are reflecting the connections between ‘jalur rempah’ and current cultural phenomenon.


Trajectory of memory

Cultural memory and history are the pathways to gain an understanding of a society. It is therefore essential to trace back the memory and collective conscience of people in respect to social, political and cultural events in order to critically analyze current phenomena. This conference intends to gather all researchers and practitioners to discuss the trajectory of memory in Indonesian society, particularly the forgotten past, in order to recollect the narratives of Indonesian culture.


Arts and activism

Arts and culture are the reflection of society in certain periods of time, which play a central role in the way we conceive realities. ICONIC aims to gather artists, researchers and practitioners to broaden the scope/dimension of their creativities and to put it as a focus of critical thinking in order to understand Indonesian society and culture, as well as to foster activism.


Digital society and culture

Digital technology has been the bread and butter of the modern society particularly in this time of crisis. Even before human beings are forced to  stay at home and interact digitally with others in the world, the digital has played a substantial role in constructing how we live our everyday lives. This conference invites scholars and practitioners to present their research analyzing the role of digital media in the Indonesian society.


Creative economy and industry

Creative industries are among the most dynamic sectors in the world economy providing new opportunities for developing countries to leapfrog into emerging high-growth areas of the world economy. Indonesia’s creative industries show a strong and consistent growth to the country’s Gross Domestic Products/GDP started from 2010 until this time being. Pursuant to this economic favorable situation, the Government has set legal frameworks, a ministerial institution, and infrastructures to support the development of this sector. This conference encourages scholars and professionals to share their views on the development of creative economy and industry to boost its competitiveness and contribution to the country’s GDP growth.


Intellectual property rights

Cultural products and issues concerning intellectual property rights have not been thoroughly discussed within the field of  Humanities and Social Sciences even though they are challenging the way artists or cultural producers make sense of their creative process. Scholars and practitioners are invited to present their works relating to these issues in the Indonesian context.



Interdisciplinary Academic Conference (Call for Paper)

An academic conference on Indonesian culture (history, anthropology, archaeology, arts, literature, philology, cultural studies, philosophy) and relevant aspects for the Indonesian culture (political science, law, and social movement).


The conference is open for local and international academics.

Business Meeting for Academic Publishing

A forum for local, national, and international academic publishing to design a cooperation in translation, co-publishing, and book tour.


This activity will be held in 2021

Cultural Workshop

A cultural workshop from professional association in the state of the art of their field of science.


This activity will be held in 2021



16 September – 2 Oktober 2020 Call for Abstracts (in English or Indonesia)
2 October - 16 Oktober 2020 Extension of iconicCall for Abstracts (in English or Indonesia)
16 Oktober– 26 October 2020 Abstract Review Process
26 Oktober 2020 Notification of Acceptance for Conference
27 Oktober – 9 November 2020  Full Paper Submission (only for publication)
27 Oktober – 9 November 2020 Participants Registration (Online)
10 – 13 November 2020 Internasional Conference on Indonesian Studies (ONLINE)